Exciting Adventures in Salzburg – Ski trip to Mariapfarr (2BH)

We’re excited to share about our recent school skiing trip to Mariapfarr! It was a blast sliding down the snowy mountains and learning new things.

Fifty students from our school together with Prof. Niefergall – the trip organizer – Prof. Stiller, Böhm and Lengauer joined by two sports students went on this cool trip. We were divided into groups based on how good we were at skiing or snowboarding: beginner, advanced, and expert. This way, everyone could have fun at their own level. There was also a „winter activities group“ which was not snowboarding or skiing but enjoyed time outdoors engaging in activities like a snowshoe walk or making a campfire and roasting marshmallows.

Beginners got to learn the basics with patient teachers. They started feeling more confident on the slopes as they practiced.

Advanced students already knew a bit about skiing or snowboarding. They got to try tougher slopes and get better at what they already knew.

The expert group was for students who were really good at skiing or snowboarding. They challenged themselves on the hardest runs and did some cool tricks.

We had an awesome time surrounded by beautiful mountains and fresh air. Whether we were cruising down easy slopes or tackling tough ones, it was all super fun.

Besides skiing and snowboarding, we also did a lot of sports inside, had a torch-lit walk in the woods and danced in the hostel’s disco on the last evening.

Prof. Lengauer and Prof. Böhm even brought along their guitars and taught us to sing the most classic skiing song which we practiced to sing. Hear for yourself:

2B students collected their memories together with their English teacher to give you an impression:

All in all it was … a really really great week. (Mia)

…an  interesting fun week. (Prisha)

… a fantastic week. (Jacob)

… a beautiful week. (Vladi)

… a good and interesting week. (Henri)

… it was really cool. (Ben)

The best thing about the week was the torch lit walk deep in the woods (Prisha).

My favourite activity was the snowboarding. (Dorian)

My favourite activity was playing games. (Helen)

The best thing about the week were the game nights. (Katja)

I particularly liked Obertauern. (Robert)

My favourite activity was the skiing every day. (Henri)

The torch-lit walk, the food and the skiing were my favourite activites. (Maren)

My favourite activity was the snowshow walk. (Sophie)

I particularly liked the disco and the torch lit walk was fun. (Sophie)

The best thing was to be on the chair lift. (Fabienne)

The food was delicious. (Robert)

My favourite meal was Kaiserschmarrn. (Una)

The food was perfect. (Matthias)

My favourite meal was the sliced pancake soup. (Simon)

I missed my bed the most. (Una)

I missed my mum and dad the most. (anonymous)

I missed my mum’s food, because her food is delicious. (Yvonne)

I missed my family, friends and sport the most. (Karlotta)

I will miss the snow. (Jacob)